INVENTIVE MINIMALISM: Following the clean lines of classic men’s tailoring to tell a modern tale in suggestive details and singular fabrics. This is Oumlil, by design.

A Casablanca native, Hisham Oumlil grew up with the sights and sounds of Morocco’s rich, ancient culture. Although he resides and designs in New York City, his homeland in North Africa remains an invaluable source of inspiration both visually and emotionally. Hisham’s love for fashion grew organically from a larger conceptual interest in aesthetics and design fostered by his Moroccan origins and honed by formative experiences in custom attire at Hermès and Loro Piana, among others. Driving his passion for innovative men's wear is Hisham’s personal credo: design, and thus designers, help shape the identity and culture of a society and breed confidence in its citizens—a responsibility he treasures. Hisham launched the eponymous menswear line Oumlil with his first collection in 2007. 

Hisham’s bold revision of men's wear began in 2005, after a year and a half apprenticeship under renowned master tailor Rocco Ciccarelli. There, he developed the couturier’s skills to match his already impeccable eye for fabric and design in everything from fittings to styling. Following Ciccarelli’s encouraging push, by June 2005 he had also amassed a small yet influential following of private clients, among them several highly recognized tastemakers within the music and film industries. In 2006, this time at his clients' suggestion, Hisham consolidated his expertise into “Anatomy”, Oumlil’s first collection, garnering praise from critics during the 2007 Autumn/Winter New York Fashion Week. His second collection, “Weather in Transition,” in 2008 prompted Fashion Group International to honour him with the Rising Star Award for Menswear Design. 

Dedication to singular materials and expert tailoring marks Oumlil as an innovative designer. This creative ethic has earned him the respect of fashion industry insiders like Patricia Mears, curator of The Museum of Fashion at FIT. Mears selected Oumlil as one of only two men's wear designers featured in the museum’s 2009 “American Beauty” exhibition, as well as in the book of the same title. Oumlil’s “inventive minimalism” is as unique as the designer himself.  In the classic context of tailoring, Oumlil’s daring structural apertures and unique detailing visually write a story of cultural crossings that speak both of confident male worldliness and a chic, cosmopolitan lifestyle.